Making a Statement Celtic Ring

It all starts with a rough sketch on a piece of paper

I start sculpting the ring's shape from a block of wax which is specific for ring making since it already has the hole in the middle for the finger.

I sketch on the wax the general outlines so I can start filing down to them


When I reach the general shape, I file it nicely and engrave the center line.

Then I drill the hole where the stone will be set

and engrave the Celtic designs in the wax.

I also have to hollow it inside so it will be lighter in weight

Then it’s ready to be cast in metal.

I want to use this as a prototype, and keep it if I need it in the future, so I first cast it in brass, which is a cheap metal.

When I receive it from casting I clean and file the prototype

and then make a rubber mold of it, which I can use to duplicate the ring easily.

Then I cast it again, using the rubber mold, from sterling silver.

This will be the final ring.

Again I have to file it nicely.

Then I solder the bezels for the stones on the ring, and then set the beautiful blue topaz stones in place.

The final step is polishing the ring and then - we have a finished ring!