Care Instructions

Care instructions for the jewelry

Please don't wear the jewel when sleeping, gardening, doing sports or other activities that can bend or scratch the jewels.

Sterling silver is a metal that requires maintenance since it oxidizes ( blackens ) with time, especially if it gets wet, or is left in moist conditions.
So it is best not to wear it when showering, going to the pool \ beach, and not spraying perfume on it.
The best way to keep it from oxidizing when not wearing it is to keep it inside a plastic bag without moisture in a jewelry box.

Please note that sometimes the cotton padding inside jewelry boxes make the silver tarnish very quickly! This is why I advise putting the jewel inside a plastic bag inside the jewelry box.

If it does blacken, you can clean it with a silver shining liquid that you buy in hardware stores.

You rub it gently with a soft cloth with the material, and then again with a clean cloth and the black color disappears and the jewel becomes shiny again.
This is also the treatment in gold-plated silver jewelry that tarnishes.

*I'm not responsible for the tarnishing of the jewels when they are in your possession*

If you want to avoid the need to maintain the jewelry- buy solid 14k yellow or rose gold jewelry!

Yellow and rose gold keep their color forever!

White gold has a yellowish color so the jewels made of it are plated with rhodium, which gives it a very white color.

This plating sometimes needs to be renewed if the jewel gets scratched.