Helix Earrings:

Why do you use butterfly backs instead of screw backs \ etc?

Since the helix piercings I make are big, they need to be held firmly to the ear so they won't move on the ear or hang in weird angles.

The butterfly back has a range of motion on the post that goes into the ear, that makes it the best solution for this, especialy since everyone's ear width is different.

The other backs ( ball back, etc ) don't allow this range of motion on the post.

Is there an option to make the helix piercings with a 16g ( 1.2 mm ) post?

Of course : )

In default, I make the earrings with a 19g ( 0.9 mm ) post, but if you're interested I can always make it with a 16g ( 1.2 mm ) post.

After you order a helix piercing from my shop, contact me through the contact page, and request a 16g post, and I'll make the earring as you request.


Is there an option to divide an order to a couple of payments?

If you have an order above 200$ and would like to divide the sum into smaller payments, please contact me and I'll divide the payments to your comfort through Paypal.
Is there an option to return or exchange a jewel I've recieved?
If this happens, you can contact me in 3 business days and tell me.
Then ship the jewel back to me in it's original box in a padded envelope with  registered mail ( so it won't get lost on the way ) and when I receive the jewel back in new conditon I'll refund you or exchange the jewel minus the shipping fee ( 10$ standard shipping and 35$ for express shipping ).