Where are you located?

I make the jewels in my home in Haifa, Israel.

Do you ship to my country?

I sell through this website to customers all over the world.

If you want to make sure I ship to your country you can contact me through the "Message Us" button on the side of this page, and I'll be happy to answer.

How do you ship and how much does it cost?

Orders above 220$ are always shipped with DHL express.

I offer standard and express shipping on orders below 220$.

You can choose which shipping you prefer when you order.

Standard shipping is shipped with the Israeli Postal service and is usually delivered by the domestic postal service at the country of the destination.

Standard shipping usually takes 2 - 4 weeks, but due to the Coronavirus, it could take more time, up to 2 months.

Express shipping is shipped with DHL and take 4 - 8 business days. It is insured.

What material are the jewels made of?

The jewels I make are made of 14k gold ( 585 ).

They are stamped 14k on their backside.

Can I bath with the jewels on?

You can bath with solid 14k gold jewelry, since these jewels don't tarnish.

Is there an option to divide an order to a couple of payments?

If you have an order above 100$ and would like to divide the sum into smaller payments, you can divide the payments to your comfort through credit card.

Is there an option to return or exchange a jewel I've recieved?

Of course.
If this happens, contact me within 3 business days since you received the jewel and tell me.
Then ship the jewel back to me in it's original box in a padded envelope with  registered mail ( so it won't get lost on the way ) and when I receive the jewel back in new conditon I'll refund you or exchange the jewel minus the shipping fee ( 10$ standard shipping and 35$ for express shipping ).
The shipping back is on the customers expense.
Please see me full return policy here: 

I want to order a ring. How can I find out the size of my finger?

You can buy a plastic ring sizer from my shop at this link:


Or you can go to a jewelry store to get your finger measured.

When you do this, it's best to ask what country's measurments they use, since each country has different measurments for rings. I'll know how to make the ring that size, as long as I know which measurment they use.

It's best not to rely on measuring files online or measuring with a wire, since it can be incorrect, and then the ring will not turn out to be your size.

Helix Earrings:

Why do you use butterfly backs instead of screw backs \ etc?

Since the helix earrings I make are big, they need to be held firmly on the ear so they won't move around or sit crooked on the ear.
I have found that the butterfly back is the best solution for this, since you can move it on the post until it fastens the earring firmly.
The screw backs have a given length and if the post is too long, even by a half a of a mm, the earring will start moving around and might sit crooked.

Is there an option to make the helix piercings with a 16g ( 1.2 mm ) post?

Of course : )

In default, I make the earrings with a 19g ( 0.9 mm ) post, but if you're interested I can always make it with a 16g ( 1.2 mm ) post.

After you order a helix piercing from my shop, contact me through the contact page, and request a 16g post, and I'll make the earring as you request.