My name is Shirli Matatia.
I'm a Goldsmith from Haifa, Israel.
I make my jewelry in a small workroom in my home and I'm a one- woman- show.
My goal is to make gold jewelry that will excite you and allow you to fully express your creativity and unique taste.
To do this I take inspiration from beautiful things I see around me- trees, leaves, architecture, Celtic designs, fields of wheat, etc- and make unique quality jewelry.
I don't believe in copying from other designers because it bores me and it will bore you to look at things you've seen before.
I want to do the oppisite- excite you with jewels in places on the body you hadn't thought of before and making super creative designs.


I've been making jewelry since I was 19 years old and still love doing it like it was my first day.... and it's been 23 years since that first day : )
I learned 4 years for a degree in jewelry design in Shenkar College in Israel.
After finishing my studies I immediately started working in a gold and diamond jewelry factory and learned the practical side.
After five years, in 2009, I decided to quit my day job and follow my dream to open my own business and that's what I've been doing ever since.

I'm lucky to sell my jewelry to wonderful customers from all the world and help them express their creativity and unique taste.

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Good day : )