What's the connection between a bald head and a helix earring?

Women are always told that the baldness of chemotherapy is something that needs to be hidden, that you need to wear a wig or hat so no one will see it.
When I was cancer and undergoing chemotherapy, and after the initial shock, I actually liked my bald look.

I walked that way pretty much all the time during the treatments, and even when the treatments were over and I was able to grow my hair, I decided to keep shaving my head and did so for an extra year.
I owe my bald head the credit for my business's success.
Because thanks to it, I thought of the helix design that made my business a success a few years later.
Since there was no hair to hide my ears, I wanted to design myself a special statement earring for the helix piercing I had since I was 18.
I drew a few sketches and finally thought of a design in the shape of a stem with seven leaves.
I attached below the picture of the earring with my bald head as a background.


Above- Me chilling with my bald head : )

I received a lot of compliments on the earring from people around me, but I didn't think about it beyond that, because after being cured of the disease, I continued my work as a goldsmith at a gold and diamond jewelry factory.

Despite the dream of making and selling my own jewelry, I was afraid to take the first step. I was comfortable with a regular salary and nice people I worked with.

But during the illness and the treatments, I had time to think and change my perspective on life. I realized that my time in the world was limited, and if I wanted to fulfill my dream, I'd better get to it.
This recognition, along with an opportunity that came my way to quit my job after I recovered, led me to open my business at age 29, in 2009.

But the business did not take off as I had hoped for 4 and a half frustrating years. I had to go back to being a part-time employee as a secretary to bring home money, and not just spend it on the business.

Then came the time of the leaf earring to do its magic.
I uploaded it to my online store, without having any hopes about it. In the beginning, it had a couple of sales, but not enough, but after six months, in one day, it became a huge hit!
At that point, I received about 200 orders from this design in a week!
I couldn't believe that such a thing was possible!
After a little investigation work, I found that the editors in Etsy, where I was selling my jewelry, had chosen to promote the earring in their Facebook page and Newsletter, and that's what caused all the orders

From that point on my business took off and I quit my part-time job to work solely on my jewelry.
As a result of this model's success, I started making more helix designs in all kinds of styles, and they too became a success. And so I continue to make a living from my business to this day.

What happened because of the Cancer reminds me of what my dad always told me – everything is for the best. What seems bad today will turn out to be for the best in the future.

Later on, I took professional pictures of the earring on a model, with a photographer and makeup & hair artist, as you see below: 


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