How Lab Diamonds Help the Enviorment

I admit I'm not a enviormental fanatic.

We do not have a solar panel for electricity and we do not produce household compost.
I do sort the garbage and put it in different bins by type.
Instead of buying plastic water bottles we use a water filtration system, although personaly I could drink straight from the tap but my husband insisted : )
And I made my kids quit with the plastic straws.

But apart from the personal aspect, I can also help some in the proffessional angle, like introducing you to the enviormantal benefits of lab diamonds.
If you think they're like a cubic zirconas, they're not.
The lab diamonds are 100% real diamonds, but instead of being mined from the ground, they are made in laboratories.
Carbon atoms are placed in machines under extreme pressure and temperature until the lab diamonds grow.
Real magic!

And why is this good for the environment?
Traditional diamond mining from the ground is something that causes a lot of environmental damage.
Huge mines are dug and destroy the habitat of animals and plants, and there is extensive use of polluting machines like tractors and trucks that collect the soil and filter it to find diamonds..
I have attached a picture so you can see what I mean. Note the size of the diamond mine in Russia compared to the size of the houses around it.

The traditional diamond industry does not want you to see or think about these images.

Diamond growing laboratories also have some level of pollution, of course, but it is not in the same dimensions.

Another advantage that lab diamonds have is that they are cheaper than real diamonds because their manufacturing process is cheaper, but they have exactly the same qualities as real diamonds.

So the next time you feel like buying a diamond, look for the green alternative - the lab diamond.