Clare Bowen Wore my Wings Ear Cuff in "Nashville"

 It happened about 3 years ago.

I started getting questions from customers about the wings ear cuff you can see below. 

They asked me if this was the ear cuff worn by Clare Bowen ( Scarlett O'Connor ) in the television series NASHVILLE.

I have to admit that I wasn't familiar with this tv show because I have such a busy life  ( with the business, two small kids and aging parents ) that I don't have time to watch almost any television at all.

A the beginning, I thought it was a mistake, and that it was probably just something similar to it.

But after getting questioned a couple of times my husband decided to look for pictures of her in Google, and he found that she did wear my ear cuff in the show!

I was so excited and honored by this! 

Here you can see the Instagram post where Clare wrote that she got the ear cuff from me:

So if you're interested in the same wings ear cuff here's a link to this ear cuff's  item page:

Here's a review I received about the Ear cuff on Etsy: