The Inspiration of the Fern Collection

In our building, in the stairway, there's a pitiful looking plant.

Some of its leaves are brown and some are missing.

I usually go by it on the way up to my house without giving it a second glance.

But it's the inspiration for one of my jewelry collections.

Because one day I did give it a second glance and suddenly I noticed that the way the leaves are attached to the stem is very unique, and the way the leaves stand next to each other is very beautiful.

And I knew this would be a great inspiration for another collection.

Above are silver ear climbers.

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Above is a silver Fern cartilage earring.

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This is a unique Fern necklace, made of sterling silver.

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These are beautiful dangle fern earrings with labradorite stones.

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This is a gold plated silver Fern helix earring. 

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