The inspiration for the Gothic Collection

The inspiration for the Gothic Collection

My Mother is originally from Switzerland.

When she was around 27 years old she decided to move to Israel and live here.

But she still has family in Switzerland, so we would fly a lot to visit them, especially when I was a kid and teenager, and we utilized these visits to tour around Europe- France, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands etc.

I would always be at awe at the architecture there- even simple buildings have decorative elements which made them very aesthetic.

And, of course, the Gothic Churches were the highlight. They are incredible in my eyes- their height, the arches, the stain glass windows that let colorful light in, and the thought of every detail.

You must understand- where I live in Haifa the buildings are pretty ugly. They are usually plain and functional block buildings, and a lot of times there are electrical or water cords dangling from here and there, and the motors of the air conditioners are on the front side of the building.

Their aesthetics are not their strong side.

So to visit countries where almost every building is an architectural beauty always excited me.

This is the reason why I decided to design a Collection which is inspired by Gothic architecture.

When I researched elements of this architecture I found that even the windows had special decorative elements that make them very special.

The elements in the windows are the main inspiration for my new Collection.

I used the 3d design softwareRHINOto design the elements for the Collection and 3d printed the prototype, because I could not have made them so accurate in traditional metalsmithing techniques.

In the sketches above I'm playing with the shapes until I find the perfect shape.

Above you can see the end of the process of designing the parts in the 3d software.

Above you can see the silver cast parts I have to clean and make into jewelry.

Above is the finished gold plated silver cartilage earring. There is a blue topaz set in it. You can choose other colored gemstones. 

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Above are long dangle earrings, made of sterling silver.

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Above is a gold plated silver necklace, with a natural white pearl.

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Above are matching earrings to the necklace above them. They are also made of gold plated silver and have dangling white pearls.

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Above is a double knuckle ring design. You can bend the knuckle with it on, no worries! It's made of sterling silver.

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Above is the double knuckle ring, this time with two lovely purple amethyst stones set in in it.

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