The Electrical Wire SunGlasses

I thought I would share with you the more interesting projects I did while learning at Shenkar College for my degree in Jewelry Design. 
I learned there in the years 2000- 2004 . 
How time flys : \ 
I designed these sunglasses in a course which was called ( how surprising ) 
Glasses Course. 


I don't remember the precise instructions we were given, but I assume it was to design glasses from found objects. 
While researching for interesting materials I found a cool black connection element for electrical wires. When I took off the black plastic around it I found a metal element with a screw to hold the wire. 
It was a perfect solution to hold the wires together! 



So after soldering the elements together, adding hinges for the handles, and adding colored lens that I found in some old glasses, etc, I finished the glasses!
They are not practical, but still cool, right? : )



In general, I really love all sorts of cool technical patents of all sorts, and that's why I liked the idea of the electrical wire connecting elements.