My Love for Gemstones

My Love for Gemstones


One of the things I like most in the world is beautiful gemstones.

If I were to win a million Dollars today, I would buy the stock of a whole store of gemstones! 
But it will not happen because I've never filled out a lotto form : )

Every time I enter a gemstone store I find myself buying more gemstones than I planned, and I already have a collection of amazing gemstones that I haven't gotten around to make jewels from due to lack of time. 
So they just sit there in the drawer and wait for me to think of them.

Many years ago, in my third or fourth year of Jewelry Design studies at Shenkar College (2003-2004), I even worked for a short time at a gemstone shop, and enjoyed every moment I was surrounded by the beautiful gems.

Unfortunately for me and the shop owner, I did not excel in selling these stones to customers because of a lack of self-confidence, so a week after I started working there I was fired.

Despite the blow to my ego, I think I got more from this job than the shop owner did. At least I had a chance to learn the names of gems and to get to know many stones I had not known before : )

I admit I don't know the spiritual qualities of gems, nor do they interest me so much. 
I love their material beauty ("I'm a material girl", as Madonna sang once ) - 
I love the special color that every stone has, the inclusions that are inside real gemstones, which show what they went through when crystallizing in thousands of years, and how each stone has its own peculiar properties.



I especially love the Labradorite stone. 
It incorporates so many colors. 
Sometimes it is as blue as the sea at twilight, sometimes it is green, yellow and brown like the earth and leaves in the forest. 
And it always has amazing inclusions that give it a lot of character. 
Each stone is one of a kind because you can not find exactly the same stone, with the same colors and inclusions.

Because of my love for this stone, I bought a lot of these stones.

Here's a necklace I made with a gorgeous green- yellow- brown Labradorite stone.





This necklace is definitely a conversation starter! 
Its size is 2 \ 1 inch ( 5.3 \ 2.5 cm ). 
The design around the stone is made of sterling silver and there is a light green Peridot stone set above the Labradorite stone.

The length of the chain is 20.7 inches ( 53 cm ) with a shortening hoop which allows you to wear it also at 17.7 inches ( 45.5 cm ) long.

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