How are the gemstones attached to the jewels?

I will write about gemstones from a slightly different angle.
I love adding gemstones to my jewels because the add color, spark and beauty to the jewels.

In my opinion one of the most important things about adding gemstones to a jewel is that they will not fall off the jewel very shortly after the jewel is purchased.

What is the difference between a stone that falls quickly and a gem that will remain in the jewel for decades?

The diference is the way the gemstone is attached to the jewel.
A stone that falls out of the jewel after a month ( this is for example, it can happen even after a week or a few months) will usually be attached to the jewel with glue.
If the stone is attached with glue the time it will remain in the jewel depends on the quality of the glue and how many blows the jewel gets when it is worn.
There is a reasonable chance that stones that are glued to a ring or bracelet will fall off pretty quickly because rings and bracelets get a lot of blows and scratches. 

What other way is there to attach a stone to a jewel?
To catch it by the metal itself.
The metal will hold the stone in place and cover over part of the stone.
The metal is hard and holds the stone tightly and then the gemstone rests securely in place for many years.

This is especialy important when setting expensive stones like diamonds, rubies, etc, which you really don't want to loose!
Setting stones is a profession in itself, and is not like goldsmithing.
Proffessional stone setters work with a microscope to see all the details and it takes precision to make the stone sit straight in place, for the metal that surrounds the stone to look beautiful after inlay and for the stone to be tightly inlaid.

I admit that I am not an expert in stone setting. I once tried to learn to do it alone but I broke too many cubic zirconia stones in the process and at the end I gave up : 0
I decided it would be best to give jewels that need stone setting to someone professional so that the inlay would come out properly.
I make only the simplest inlays myself.

According to the classic rules of luxury jewelry, all gemstones should be set in the metal itself, except for pearls, which can be glued.

Nowadays jewelry designers decide on how to connect gemstones to their jewelry depending on the price they want to sell the jewelry.
If they sell fashion jewel the stones will usually be a glued.
In more expensive silver and gold jewelry the gems will be set in the metal itself without glue.

And of course every customer can decide which kind of jewelry to buy : )

I have attached some pictures of shapes of  diamond settings, and also pictures of the setting process itself.